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TH 101 The Gifts of the Spirit and the Church This course is designed to be apologetic in nature. It will thoroughly equip students with a strong scriptural understanding of how and why the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are available for the modern church. Many of the teachings and verses in the Bible that have been used to discount the existence of those gifts will be closely examined for scriptural accuracy.

TH 102 The Walk of the Spirit; The Walk of Power I   &  TH 103 The Walk of the Spirit; The Walk of Power II
A two-part course designed to give a greater understanding of what is required to see God’s power and anointing begin to flow through a Christian.

TH 104 The New Nature Many Christians do not truly understand what happens when a person is Born Again. Differences in the terms “salvation” and “born again” will be studied, as well as our inheritance in Christ and the power of the “new nature” we received when we accepted Jesus as our Savior.

TH 105 Confirming Your Ministry and Calling Students will learn how to more clearly identify, understand, and fulfill the calling God has on their lives.

TH 106 Spiritual and Ministry Gifts/Offices The Gifts of the Spirit and the various ministry gifts will be examined in detail for a better understanding of how they operate within the body of Christ.

TH107 Spiritual Armor The armor of God, as identified in the sixth chapter of Ephesians will be studied, as will Satan’s counterfeit operations and attacks against that armor.

TH 108 Effectively Studying God’s Word One of the most common complaints of many Christians is not understanding how to “study to show themselves approved unto God”. This course explains both how to study and understand the Bible for greater spiritual growth.

TH 109 Developing Victorious Prayer In spite of all the teaching surrounding prayer, many Christians still struggle in this area. This course is designed to help Christians understand why prayer works and what spiritual principles produce a successful prayer life.

MP 100 Ministry Practicum Seventy-two hours of mandatory ministry service within the student’s home church or other ministry area.



TH 201 Biblical Prosperity I   &  TH 202 Biblical Prosperity II
This is an extremely detailed look at the topic of prosperity in the Body of Christ. Such issues as “tithing”, “give and it shall be given”, “sowing and reaping”, the “100-fold return”, and many other pertinent topics will be closely scrutinized relative to contextual accuracy in scripture. Students will come to understand why so many Christians are not prospering as they might expect.

TH 203 Establishing the Foundation This may well be one of the most interesting courses students will take. The importance of understanding the first eleven chapters of Genesis and how that understanding impacts the Body of Christ will be studied. Many questions, such as “Is there a ‘gap’ between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?” “Are there dinosaurs in the Bible?” “Did creation take place in six literal days or over thousand/millions/billions/ of years?” will be answered.

TH 204 Church Ordinances Different types of services such as communion, water baptism, wedding ceremonies, and foot washing take place in nearly all churches. But what is the spiritual significance of these services?

TH 205 The Grace of God What is grace and how does it function in the life of a Christian? Is it simply the unmerited favor of God, or is it possible that grace is something far more impacting than is generally taught in churches?

TH 206 Living Faith Far too many Christians seem to view faith as a concept instead of a vibrant lifestyle. The subject of faith will be studied and many misconceptions will be examined in light of Biblical truth.

TH 207 Healing So much has been taught about healing, yet so many Believers continue to struggle with health issues. Should Christians go to doctors or “stand on the word” or do both? Why do some people seem to “lose” their healing?

TH 208 The Power of Fasting Many people have taught about fasting, but how does the Bible address fasting? Is fasting really that important? Why should Christians fast? What are the spiritual results of fasting?

TH 210 Understanding Dreams and Visions Throughout scripture, God ministered to people through dreams and visions. This course will help students understand the difference between spiritual and natural dreams, and will also provide excellent guidelines to the interpretation of dreams and visions.

MP 200 Ministry Practicum Seventy-two hours of mandatory service within the student’s home church.



TH 301 The Greater Anointing A study of the anointing: what it is, how it is received, how to operate in it, how to see it increased, and the scriptural examples that set the standard for Christians.

TH 302 Revival According to Scripture (I)   &  TH 303 Revival According to Scripture (II)
Using the Bible, students will learn what God defines as revival. Also studied will be what initiates revival, how to identify a true revival, and things that can stop revival.

TH 304 The Wisdom of God The difference between God’s wisdom, man’s wisdom, and knowledge will be closely examined. This course will also explain how to tap into and operated by God’s wisdom and what His wisdom produces in a Christian’s life.

TH 305 Submission in God’s Kingdom This course will reveal from scripture how man’s traditions have strayed from God’s ordained system of submission and authority. Students will discover what true submission is, how rebellion can be identified, and how to confront rebellion in lay people or those in ministry.

TH 306 Worship in Spirit and in Truth The vital role that praise and worship plays in the life of a Believer will be studied. Scripture and examples from both the Old and New Testaments will be used to clearly define how Christians are to worship God. Private and corporate worship will be explored as well as what worship produces.

TH 307 True Intercession Intercession has been greatly misunderstood in the Body of Christ. This course will provide for students a clearer understanding of intercession and how to intercede for themselves and on the behalf of others.

TH 308 The Blood Covenant (I)   &   TH 309 The Blood Covenant (II)
The role of the blood covenant is absolutely critical  with regard to the manner in which man has approached God. Understanding the nature of this type of covenant can unlock the meaning of passages throughout the Bible. This course provides a very in-depth look at the blood covenant and how it impacts the lives of Christians.

MP 300 Ministry Practicum Seventy-two hours of mandatory service within the student’s home church.



TH 401-TH 409, Romans (I) through Romans (IX) GMBC may be the only college or university offering such a unique curriculum. This is a detailed, intense, verse-by-verse study of the entire Book of Romans. Verses and passages that may have seemed confusing will be broken down and closely examined for understanding and clarity.

MP 400 Ministry Practicum Seventy-two hours of mandatory service within the student’s home church.



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